Best Practices

Join in the momentum on Kiva’s Match Days

While Kiva’s partners can choose to match loans any day of the year, the impact of matching is most felt on our three Match Days. Join the global conversation by providing matching funds on one or all three of our positive impact campaigns.  

Kiva’s biggest lending day of the year is International Women’s Day. We run a campaign throughout the week to rally and inspire lenders to fund over 10,000 women. Each year, Kiva deploys over $1 million in corporate matching funds to incentivize lending on International Women’s Day. With over 44,000 lenders engaged throughout the week, loan matching for International Women’s Day is a meaningful opportunity for brand visibility.

Another major lending day is International Refugee Day – when Kiva engages more than 13,000 lenders in a single day. Each year we fund about 1,300 loans to refugees and internally displaced persons – sending over $1 million to refugee communities around the world. Refugee funding is perceived as high-risk, but in reality refugee borrowers repay at rates on par or even higher than non-refugee borrowers. Our goal is to demonstrate the viability of lending to refugees to unlock capital for these communities and create large-scale impact.

Kiva runs a third lending campaign every September that does not center on a specific holiday or consistent theme. The 2018 campaign supported agricultural loans through a “Farm&Table” theme. Our September Match Campaign activates $2 million in available matching funds and engages over 30,000 lenders throughout the campaign.

Depending on your business needs or social impact goals, funds can be leveraged to match loans from the public or loans from your own employees or customers. Kiva’s goal is to provide our partners with a turn-key approach to celebrating International Women’s Day or International Refugee Day.

We make it as easy as possible to participate. We’ll provide all the tools and messaging necessary for you to share on social media with your audience. Our match day opportunities even include featuring your company’s logo on our campaign landing page and designing customized campaign pages for your own site.

Your brand will get recognition on each loan that is matched. Once the original loans are repaid, the funds are returned to your account for re-use.

Match Days engage your brand in larger social dialogues, align your mission to an initiative and give your employees an opportunity to engage.

To join in on one of our three match days, or to set up a matching account with Kiva, please learn more here.