Case Studies

Improve marketing channels, increase sales, do good

Kiva provides the perfect avenue for social impact and customer engagement. By partnering with Kiva, you can strengthen your brand and inspire customers while making a positive impact on Bobbi Brown Cosmetics leveraged a Kiva partnership in 2017 to empower women around the world and increase sales of its Pot Rouge product.

All too often, companies assume there’s a trade-off between sales and corporate social responsibility. In reality, profit and positive social impact go hand in hand. The 21st-century consumer consistently chooses socially-responsible brands over those that are not engaged in responsibility or social impact.  Multiple studies show that corporate social responsibility is linked to the long-term health of a company.

The Pretty Powerful campaign

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics created a limited-edition “Pretty Powerful” shade of a popular makeup product and dedicated a percentage of sales to female Kiva entrepreneurs around the world. Marketing for the product featured Kiva’s positive impact and encouraged customers to make a loan themselves. Pretty Powerful proceeds were deposited in a Kiva loan matching fund. This fund matched dollar-for-dollar loans that supported girls’ and women’s education from Kiva’s global online community. Corporate loan matching on Kiva increases the likelihood that individual lenders will make a loan to a given borrower. It also reduces the amount a borrower has to crowdfund on by half.

Together, there is a ~4x increase in fundraising speed on and a greater chance of a loan getting fully funded when a loan is matched by one of our partner organizations. Your brand can accelerate this virtuous cycle by matching loans to the cause of your choice. It’s a great way to increase brand favorability as well as boost sales.

  • Matching loan funds: Bobbi Brown set up $300K tax-advantageous loan fund for women’s education and women entrepreneurs on Kiva
  • Retail marketing: Pot Rouge marketing featured Kiva at make-up counters
  • Social media and influencer engagement: Created buzz across social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and by sharing the product with key influencers
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Results: 3x the impact

Bobbi Brown’s $300,000 donation to Kiva has been lent, repaid, and re-lent three times since the initial deposit! Its collective impact funded $909,500.00 in education loans to 2,531 female borrowers across 29 countries.

Creating opportunities for women

Education, especially for girls and women, is critical to creating pathways out of poverty. However, across the developing world, money for school fees can be hard to come by. It’s even more difficult for women pursuing higher education. That’s where Kiva’s community of corporate supporters comes in.

Bobbi Brown harnessed the power of its brand and customers to create educational opportunities for women and their children. At the intersection of women’s empowerment and access to education, their funds helped women like Sitoramoh in Tajikistan pay tuition for higher education, Shah Zanane in Lebanon send her children to primary and secondary school and Tendai in Zimbabwe grow a fledgling poultry business after graduating from an entrepreneurship education program hosted by one of Kiva’s partners. Thanks to the support of partners like Bobbi Brown, we are able to serve more women in their pursuit of education around the world.

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