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How PayPal showed customers the big impact of small loans

The PayPal-Kiva partnership

PayPal and Kiva continue to collaborate and deepen their partnership to empower entrepreneurs around the world. Among other types of support, PayPal provides Kiva with free payment processing, ensuring that 100% of every dollar goes to fund loans. Over past 13 years, PayPal has helped Kiva enable over $1 billion in loans to 3 million entrepreneurs in 82 countries.

Shared history: Kiva was co-founded by Premal Shah, a former PayPal employee, and has been powered by PayPal since the beginning.

Shared vision: This partnership has helped unlock funding for entrepreneurs around the world who otherwise wouldn’t have access to affordable capital.

Shared impact: Kiva and PayPal directly align in their mission to democratize financial services. Through this collaboration, we’re extending our impact to the micro business community and better serving customers.

PayPal customer and employee campaign

For the last three years, PayPal has facilitated lending campaigns, inviting customers and employees to make loans with Kiva, and rewarding them with an additional $25 Kiva credit to make another loan.


From October 1, 2018 through October 14, 2018, PayPal invited their customers to make a loan on Kiva and the first 10,000 customers to participate received an additional $25 credit to make another loan. The campaign reached over 60 million PayPal customers and was promoted across the United States, Canada and Australia on email, social media ads, homepage takeover and in-account banner to merchants.


in funding to small businesses




customers lent

Campaign impact:

  1. Increase in new customers: Activated 10,500 lenders of which 7,752 signed up to make a loan for the first time, making this campaign one of the largest growth drivers of new customers for Kiva.
  2. Lasting impact: The 10-day lending campaign directly impacted 6,773 borrowers across 38 countries in 15 different sectors. Lenders participating in this campaign will generate an estimated $4M in future loans on the platform.
  3. High participation rate: 92% of customers who made a loan with their own funds, redeemed the free credit option to make an additional loan, showing a high interest and engagement with the site.
  4. Entrepreneurial investment: $573,325 in total funding helped small businesses strengthen their communities, create more jobs, scale innovative social solutions, and drive sustainable economic growth.
  5. Global consumer engagement: Emails and social media ads to customers in the U.S., Canada and Australian markets saw high engagement rates.
  6. Positive branding: The Big Impact of Small Loans reinforces PayPal’s mission of creating financial sustainability to their customers leaving a long lasting positive brand impression.

“PayPal is committed to democratizing financial services and improving financial health – breaking down barriers and making it easier for people to manage their financial lives and pursue their dreams. We are proud to partner with Kiva to help people reach their full potential, and in turn create a more inclusive and interconnected global economy.”

Sean Milliken
Head of Global Social Innovation at PayPal

2018 campaign creative


PayPal continuously aligns its brand with their mission and purpose linking it all the way through to the products they offer. Cause marketing campaigns allow companies to develop long-term relationships between their core values and their customers leading to higher engagement. Customers remain highly engaged and receptive to social missions like the one that brought PayPal and Kiva together.