Best Practices

Here’s how your $1 can create $10 in impact

Kiva’s partner matching opportunity enables organizations of all sizes to have a meaningful impact by catalyzing and amplifying crowdfunding.

How do matching loan funds work? Corporate partners, organizations or individuals deposit funds of at least $10,000 into a Kiva Loan Matching account. You can set up your funds with Kiva to match all loans on the site or match only loans that fit specific criteria consistent with your philanthropic preferences. For example, some organizations choose to match only environmental loans or loans to a specific region of the world. This way, you can align your lending objectives with your organization’s brand and core business values. If you’re an individual who wants to make a difference, you can align your matching with the causes or sectors you care about.

Matching is a powerful way to amplify impact because it also inspires crowdfunding. Kiva lenders are inspired to lend more when they know their giving will be matched and their impact will be doubled.

But Kiva matching is not like typical charitable matching – it’s not a donation, it’s a loan. Kiva borrowers have an average repayment rate of 97%, expected monthly over 18 months. Your matching funds automatically continue to be deployed after they are repaid to benefit even more borrowers.

Take our partner 2sic internet solutions, as an example. An original deposit of $100,000 in a Kiva loan matching fund funded $700,000 in loans after 3 years. That’s 7x the impact!

Over the years, the original fund amount can be lent many times over – multiplying its collective impact for up to 3 years. With Kiva matching funds, partners can make a continuous impact with as little as $10,000.

This makes matching an ideal opportunity for large and small organizations. It’s a win-win situation: your funds continue to make impact automatically and your brand inspires lenders to contribute to the lending effort.